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This is an extremely exciting year ahead for Screen Rescue. As new British Standards for windscreen repair and equipment compliance are fast approaching we remain especially proud of our continuous innovation and hands on approach to an industry evolving with new quality standards.


Fully equipped with the USA’s leading and most technically advanced windscreen and glass repairs equipment, we are committed to delivering a franchise package at the forefront of new windscreen repair technologies. As a result, Screen Rescue continues their lead position as the most technologically equipped Commercial Windscreen & Glass Repairs franchise in the UK, today.

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Advanced Windscreen and Glass Repairs

With the latest hydraulic system and unique large core technology, Screen Rescue can handle even the most challenging of windscreen damages others simply can’t. Our advanced equipment ensures all windscreens repairs exceed current AU 242a: 1998 BSI specification are guaranteed for the lifetime of the windscreen. 


Advanced Glass Scratch Removal and Polishing

Using the latest technology and highest quality glass polish, we offer a superior glass scratch removal and polishing service for all vehicle windscreens, windows and quarter-light windows.  With unique 100% distortion free results, we remove even the deepest of scratches caused by wiper blades, tree branches or vandalism and eliminate the need for expensive custom glass replacements. 

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Advanced Headlight Restoration

Screen Rescue provide a full restoration service for glass headlights and rear lights. We’re able to fully restore milky headlights synonymous with classic vehicles and due to our unique UV application and polishing process, we guarantee the glass remains clear for up to 5 years. 



This year we have RESCUED


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