VFA22 'Best Franchisee Support' SILVER WINNER goes to Screen Rescue!

Screen Rescue Franchise has collected the VFA22 Silver Winner for ‘Best Franchisee Support’ as the VFA22 Virtual Franchise Awards were announced by sponsors, Barclays Bank in a virtual ceremony attended by hundreds of franchisors and franchisees in support of their own respected franchise brands.

Franchisor, Jaime Hilario said, “We are absolutely delighted to become a multi-Award-Winning Franchise and are still a little overwhelmed to have picked up not one, but two highly celebrated VFA22 Awards: a GOLD WINNER and SILVER WINNER in two of the most prestigious and sought after VFA22 Award categories.”

Screen Rescue is the UK’s only award-winning windscreen and glass repair franchise who have excelled at providing all commercial automotive and vehicle sectors with superior repair quality and exceptional customer care since 2012.

Owning a Screen Rescue franchise provides the opportunity to be your own boss where you can develop a highly lucrative, multi-van business

operating exclusively within all commercial vehicle sectors of the automotive industry now worth £49bn to the UK economy.

When asked what the main reasons were for becoming, ‘Best Franchisee Support’ SILVER WINNER, franchisor, Amanda Hilario simply said, “We genuinely put each franchisee first in everything we do. We not only provide industry leading technical repairs training, and a highly effective raft of daily business support operations and systems, we also provide a strong social support network to each franchisee.

“For example, as a former Select Appointments (high street recruitment agency) franchisee myself, I understand more than most, the many challenges each new franchisee faces when starting a new business, especially for the first time.

“Aside from the physical and tangible new activities, processes, and procedures each franchisee adopts when learning any franchise system, here at Screen Rescue, we are acutely aware of the mental challenges they also face, especially in the early days. Suddenly, they can find themselves far from their comfort zone and in need of additional guidance and hand holding their partners can’t provide.

“Psychologists and other mental health professionals often talk about the importance of having a strong social support network. Usually, when trying to reach our goals or deal with a crisis, these experts encourage people to lean on their friends and family for support. In a good franchise system, the franchisors should also become an additional support network to each franchisee. Here, in Screen Rescue, we pledge unlimited support on a needs-basis.

“For newly award-winning franchisee, Keith Harrison, this social support network was crucial to him, because he didn’t have the usual family support and so at times during both lockdowns, like many others, he felt extremely isolated. Our solution was to bring him back to head office under the wings of our franchisee support team so very quickly with one-to-one guidance he regained his self-confidence and his self-esteem.

During the lockdowns, there were many other areas of business and financial support we were able to act on. Almost immediately, we set about displacing the business loan Keith had taken out to start his franchise with a more affordable Bounce-Back Loan. Overnight, this decreased Keith’s total loan amount, lowered his monthly APR, and reduced his monthly repayments, which in turn assisted his business cash-flow and secured his franchise in those early days. These measures also helped reduced Keith’s monthly expenses, so his franchise reached breakeven point and turned a profit faster.

As the news of a double-award win for Screen Rescue sank in, Keith told Amanda, “There is no way I would have won this prestigious VFA22 GOLD WINNER for ‘Franchisee of the Year’ award without the help and support of you and [franchisor] Jaime, Wendy, and the franchise support team at head office. It is a genuine team effort, and we all deserve to share this win – it’s not just for me.”

The Screen Rescue franchise business model is scalable and comes with a large territory designed to deliver the maximum reward for your efforts. From the start, you are supplied with the correct business mix of qualified leads to enable you to build and grow a multi-van operation so you can expand and scale up your franchise in line with your real ambitions.

To learn more about this award-winning franchise contact our award-winning franchisee support team on 01728 860762, or email: info@screen-rescue.co.uk. You can even WhatsApp: Amanda Hilario on M:07896 988661 or visit: www.screen-rescue.co.uk

Why not start your Screen Rescue journey into business today?