"Ask me anything!" Screen Rescue franchisor, Jaime Hilario answers your enquiry questions.

With so many franchise opportunities available, Screen Rescue franchisor, Jaime Hilario answers 5 of the most popular questions he was recently asked by new franchise interest.

We get to learn more about this exciting Commercial Windscreen & Glass Repairs franchise opportunity and why they are in such demand.

1. "What makes Screen Rescue different to other windscreen repair franchises?"

"There are lots of reasons why Screen Rescue is different to other windscreen repair franchises," Jaime smiles widely, "none least as new British Standards for windscreen repair and equipment compliance are fast approaching, which makes our main differentiating feature all the more exciting!

We already operate with the most technologically advanced equipment ever developed and soon, we will be taking this to the next level.

Jaime leans forwards, "Our next generation, new fully automated digital touchscreen windscreen repairs equipment will soon be unveiled ensuring Screen Rescue continues their lead position as the best technologically equipped Commercial Windscreen & Glass Repairs franchise in the UK - it's no surprise our repair results are unbeaten and clients think our franchisees are Wizards!"

2. "As a Screen Rescue franchisee, can I work in my own home town?"

"Yes you can!" Jaime confirms, "Working from your own doorstep has never been more inviting especially after the past 12 months. Not only are clients just five minutes from your own door, but you are also seen as part of the local community - you are one of them. It makes building your client base even easier."

3. "How quickly will I be up and running?"

Jaime looks me straight in the eye, "As soon as your funding and license fee are in place, our franchise team press all the green buttons to get you set-up with everything in place, so you can start trading straight after your Induction Training.

In his launch week of five days, Screen Rescue Stevenage franchisee, Keith Harrison set a new record taking on seven new clients, earning from day one. By the end of his first trading month, Keith had won 19 new repeat business clients setting a new franchisee record in Screen Rescue, and one yet to be broken!"

4. "Why are Saturday repair works so important?"

Jaime looks out of the window to the line up of HGV vehicles pulling into the filling station, nearby. "The transport and logistics world, " he nods towards them, "are on the road 24/7 during the week, so we repair damages at the weekends, which reduces unnecessary fleet downtime - no client wants their vehicles stuck in an ADAS calibration unit having a replacement windscreen fitted that can be repaired by us. We're able to repair even the most challenging of windscreen damages before they worsen and prevent the need for a costly replacement windscreen.

"We provide a genuine solution, to a very costly problem!"

5. "Will I need to work full-time, everyday?"

Jaime looks me squarely in the eye, "For franchisees who are prepared to work hard and put in the hours, the rewards of their hard work come straight back to them almost immediately, in this franchise."

To learn more about a Screen Rescue franchise, call: 01728 860762.