Screen Rescue share 5 qualities that make a great franchisee!

As lockdown falls upon us for the third time, there are many individuals facing an uncertain future. Now is a great time to consider investing in a franchise opportunity. But, first you should ask yourself if you have the qualities you need to run a successful franchise.

In most franchise systems, you'll find you won't need previous experience or even a business background, as you will be provided with full training. However, there are some key skills you will need. Franchisor, Jaime Hilario shares 5 qualities that will make you stand out as a great franchisee.

1. Strong People Skills

One of the most important skills you'll need as a franchisee running a franchise in the commercial vehicle industry, is the ability to interact and communicate with business people at all levels. You'll need to be customer focussed, attentive and engaging and with a positive personality, you'll find you are very quickly able to establish a trusting and loyal relationship with customers. In Screen Rescue we build long-standing business relationships with our clients, which give us a unique competitive advantage over our competitors.

2. Results Driven!

Starting your franchise will take some graft but the ability to strive for and achieve results is what ultimately drives any business to success. As a Screen Rescue franchisee, you'll need to be focussed on achieving your business goals. If you are results driven and like to get things done, a Screen Rescue franchise may be suitable for you.

3. Ability to follow a System

When investing in a franchise, you are buying well-honed, tried and tested systems, operations and processes already in place. Franchisors have gone through the pain barriers of making the costly mistakes you get to avoid as a franchisee. If you are a stickler for following rules, systems and processes then franchise ownership is an ideal fit for you, and your chances of success with a franchise model like Screen Rescue, will be greater than going it alone. However, as an inventive or creative individual itching to 're-write the book', a franchise business is not for you.

4. A Hard Work Ethic

There are individuals who will choose to invest in a franchise because they think there is less hard work involved than in starting up a new business on their own. While a franchise is proven to be much easier to get off the ground, and the failure rate is less than 5%, the time and effort required to go into any franchise start-up is just the same. It takes much the same effort to run a franchise as it does to start any business from scratch. The truth is, if you want your franchise to thrive, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and work very hard.

5. Business Development Skills

Although investing in a franchise usually comes with a ready made business model and the benefit of a strong brand name in the industry, many franchise systems don't provide a bank of thriving customers. The ability to proactively grow your client base is vital to the success and development of your business. A Screen Rescue franchise comes with effective field sales training following a well trodden 'soft-sell' path. Often a new client can be won on the very first visit. The more comfortable you are with business development, the more successful your franchise business will be.