Screen Rescue add Air Craft Carrier repairs to our repertoire - very Top Gun!

As a Screen Rescue franchisee, no day is exactly the same! This unusual job came into us by way of a franchise competitor's recommendation - we have the technology tools and competence to take on the job, and what a job. Very Top Gun!

Franchisor, Jaime Hilario is standing inside a 3m x 2m stainless steel, heated framed window, triple glazed with toughened ballistic glass to withstand RPG strike.

Nine such windows (we prefer to call them portholes) received our industry acclaimed 100% distortion free Glass Scratch Removal and Polish wizardry and are now ready for shipping out to a top secret Air Craft Carrier.

All in a days work here at Screen Rescue!

Franchisor, Jaime Hilario proudly says, "Screen Rescue were highly recommended by one of our closest industry franchise competitors, which is an accolade in itself. We have the latest industry glass scratch removal and polishing equipment, all the tools and the necessary competence to take on the job. And what a job. Very Top Gun!

It was quite humbling standing inside the window knowing it was just one of the air craft carriers 30 portholes."

On site each window, weighing half a tonne, was hoisted by crane into a vertical frame to hold it in position as it was repaired. Nine of the air craft carriers 30 portholes had surface scratches, and it was vital there was no distortion to the glass within the glass scratch removal and polishing repair process.

Jaime says, "As each window was repaired, a full inspection took place by our eagle-eyed client to ensure the glass was distortion free. Screen Rescue are industry leaders in this sort of repair - it is what we specialise in, and 100% distortion free Glass Scratch Removal & Polish is just one of the extensive range of windscreen and glass repairs we carry out every day in all of our Commercial Vehicle sectors.

Every one of our franchisees and technicians," he continues, "are trained to such a high level, any one of them could have carried out the job just as competently. When we receive recommendations, our dedicated franchise team at head office then pass it onto the relevant territory where the job is. I was able to take it on as it fell into the IP postcode area.

Our client specialises in high security multi-glazed, heated windows for specialist construction, vehicle and transport applications and it's good to know they will be requiring our services again in the near future, as glassworks they design can easily scratch even during their manufacturing process."