Franchisor, Amanda Hilario shares 7 great reasons to invest in a Screen Rescue franchise!

The roadmap out of lockdown is fast approaching, and for budding entrepreneurs the past 12 months have provided the time for a career re-evaluation. For many, a new workplace button has been pressed.

With so many business opportunities available, franchisor, Amanda Hilario shares 7 great reasons to invest in a Screen Rescue franchise in 2021.

1. Robust Franchise Business

During the pandemic, many franchise operations remained resilient and robust while others were forced to pause their trading. Some even adopted new ways of generating business to combat lost revenues.

At Screen Rescue, we maintained our regular client visits carrying out a wide range of windscreen and glass repairs in the essential logistics, delivery and transport sectors. It was vital their operations continued 24/7 with minimum disruption and downtime.

We also became reactive to the repair needs of our main dealership clients who were forced to trade via their click and collect platforms. We provided our windscreen and glass repair services on a call-out basis and despite lockdown, in the first quarter of 2021, Screen Rescue maintained 70% of usual business. In March, we even achieved 90% of the revenues we would usually expect to be trading at.

When considering a franchise business in today's economy, it is wise to choose a Covid19 resilient business model like that of Screen Rescue - proven to be robust even during the most challenging of times.

2. Proactive Business Model

Free of lockdown, our franchisees are able to operate proactively, visiting their Commercial Vehicle clients on a regular scheduled basis, unlike other franchise offerings who must wait for customers to come to them.

Being proactive means our franchisees can make key decisions that shape their own franchise businesses.

They're able to schedule their client visits to meet the repair demands in all our commercial sectors, and can even plan their diary around school runs and other important events. Our franchisees very quickly build a robust business and follow a roadmap to help maximise their franchise growth.

A proactive business model can provide strong franchise growth and scalability. When these two elements are high on the wish list, it is prudent to consider a franchise like Screen Rescue. After all, it makes sense to be in control of your business growth, from the start.

3. Tailored Franchisor Support

We are very proud to tailor the support and development of each franchisee as they drive their business onwards. As their franchise grows, we're able to meet the changing needs of their investment. As a result, each franchisee can achieve their full potential.

Franchisees looking to invest in any franchise should confirm the tailored support on offer as their business expands and consider the franchise opportunities who provide a clear expansion route with outstanding tailored support, just like Screen Rescue.

4. Repeat Volume Business

Screen Rescue operate strategically. Working with sizeable fleets, our franchisees are able to optimise volume repair opportunities.

From launch, each franchisee builds a thriving repeat business client base where the numbers add up - the more clients they look after, the more repeat business they carry out. As their client base grows, so does their turnover.

Once a franchisee myself, I understand the worries of most new franchisees. "How much will I make this month?" and "Where will my jobs come from?" flash through their minds. But a repeat business model like ours, eliminates these worries right from the start.

5. Multiple Income Streams

A strong business model usually has multiple income streams. A Screen Rescue franchise is no different. Our franchisees have the advantage of generating income from a wide range of windscreen and glass repair services they carry out every day.

They are trained to become Wizards at repairing all types of windscreen and glass damages from standard stone chips, to classic headlight restoration and even challenging glass scratch removal and polish jobs.

We already operate with the most technologically advance repairs equipment ever developed for the industry and so Screen Rescue franchisees can handle even the most challenging of glass damages our competitors must walk away from!

When evaluating a franchise opportunity with multiple revenue streams, investors know they're on the right road to success!

6. Genuine Repair Solutions.

Screen Rescue provide genuine repair solutions to our client's windscreen and glass problems. With technology capable of repairing the most challenging of damages, we can all but eliminate their need for time-consuming replacements and expensive custom glass.

Nowadays our clients want to avoid the downtime involved with off-site windscreen replacement calibration and ADAS reforms, and they prefer to avoid the long wait for expensive custom glass.

Franchises who provide genuine solutions to everyday problems withstand the test of time, as they have a real purpose. Screen Rescue is a member of this elite crowd.

7. Low Management Fee

A low management fee shouldn’t be a compromise to the level of services and support you can expect from a good franchise system.

At Screen Rescue every member of our team understands the needs and challenges of our new franchisees face. We focus on delivering results that make a difference, while our comprehensive toolbox of daily support services enable each franchisee to focus on running their businesses.

We provide our franchisees with all the support they need, for the duration of their franchise term at 10% of their monthly revenues net of VAT, which is one of the lowest management fees in the industry and one upheld by the QFA (Quality Franchise Association) as both ethical and moral.

To learn more about how to become a Screen Rescue franchisee, why not call 01728 860762 and speak to our friendly franchise team?